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By making a booking with Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD it shall be on the understanding that you agree to adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

Our Fishing Charters and Harbour Cruises depart from Cullen Bay Ferry Terminal, Cullen Bay NT unless we are fishing/cruising out of Dundee Beach, NT.
We have strict departure times and we ask that you please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure. Should you not arrive on time, we cannot wait for you and you will therefore forfeit the money paid for the fishing charter or harbour cruise and be charged as a "no show".



A deposit is required within 7 days of making the initial booking to lock in the date. If a deposit is not received within the 7 days the date will then be made available to the public. The minimum deposit required to lock in your booking is 30%. Final payment for the booking must be made inside 30 days of your booked charter.

All onboard are given a full safety and brief at the beginning of the trip. If you have a question or there is something you do not understand please ask.
Clients with pre-existing medical conditions will need to inform us upon booking and detail any medication that may be required in case of an emergency. Not doing so will be considered negligent and we shall take no responsibility should an incident arise.


All of our bookings are taken subject to suitable weather conditions. No fishing charter/harbour cruise will go ahead if a strong wind warning or above has been issued. (It is at the captain’s discretion on all other trips).
If the weather is not looking suitable, we will contact you to discuss our options. If the weather turns unexpectedly, customers will be notified as soon as possible.



Trips are subject to having adequate passenger numbers to depart. Cancellations made by us due to inadequate numbers will be rescheduled to another time agreed on by both parties. If we cannot reschedule a full refund or credit will be issued and will incur no additional fees.


We adhere strictly to Northern Territory Fisheries regulations size and bag limits, meaning if you catch a fish that is undersized it will be returned to the water. Each fish species has different bag limit, we expect customers to adhere to these as well.

Staff shall be treated with respect at all times, they are not to be insulted, abused, sworn at or defamed. The skipper reserves the right to return any individuals to the nearest port with no refund being issued, this includes harassment and abuse.
Any persons that damages, abused or loose fishing gear overboard will be charged a fee determined by the skipper onboard.
We ask that our equipment is treated with care and respect. Any damage made to the boat will be charged to you should you damage it due to carelessness.

Alcohol is permitted on board our vessel but must be consumed in moderation.
Alcohol cans are preferred.
Behaviour's we deem inappropriate, will result in your trip being cut short and you will be returned to shore with no refund being issued.

We strongly suggest to our interstate guest to take out travel insurance. It is important that this insurance covers you for involuntary cancellation of your holiday including airfares. 


Yknot Gift Vouchers and Credits are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue and are non transferable to cash. 


  • Cancellations outside of 60 days will incur a 10% booking fee.

  • Cancellations within 30-60 days of departure will incur a 25% booking fee off total booking cost.

  • Cancellations within 30 days of departure will incur 50% booking fee off total booking cost.

  • Cancellations within 2-14 days of departure will incur 75% booking fee off total booking cost.

  • No refund will apply to cancellations within 48 hours of departure and no credit will be offered.

  • If you are coming from interstate/overseas and your flight gets cancelled we will provided a credit only.

  • Yknot will provide a full credit or refund if cancellation is due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Booking and payment for a fishing charter or harbour cruise with Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD is deemed acknowledgement and acceptance of following disclaimer.
Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, or loss or damage to property and it is a condition of booking with Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD that you hereby release to the full extent permitted by law, Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD its employees, agents, and sub-contractors from all actual or contingent liability in respect of such personal injury, death, loss or damage. All passengers shall comply with any direction given for the safety of the vessel and comfort of passengers and
agree that willful noncompliance with such directions may result in an immediate return to the nearest port or the embarkation point without refund. It is a condition of booking and undertaking a charter or cruise that any passenger indemnify Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD for all willful damage caused by any such non-compliant passenger.

All passengers of Yknot Fishing Charters PTY LTD shall be liable for any cost associated with repairs and/or replacement of the vessel and/or equipment which occurs as a result of deliberate and willful damage.



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